Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heaven, I'm in Heaven...

Oh hey, that's me, skating on the ice at the Verizon Center. The very same ice that Ovie scored his 7th career hat trick on just an hour earlier. Yeah.

I skate at the Caps practice facility, so I often skate on the same ice as the Caps (and it always seems cool). But skating in the VZ Center, looking up at my seat, standing at center ice....simply amazing... Also amazing: the number of people who attempted to throw themselves against the glass Alex Ovechkin-style, with varying degrees of success. I did not try that, but I did touch the ice and run my hands along the glass and the boards.

I love that the Caps do stuff like this for season ticket holders and I'm going to miss it next season, when I'm too poor to renew my seat. One of the coolest parts was that some of the players (Laich, Fehr, Backstrom, Johnson, maybe one or two others) came out to the bench and signed autographs for about 30 minutes. It wasn't planned, and Fehr was pretty much dragged off by the staff, who kept reminded the players that they had a Super Bowl party to get to. I love that the team appreciates the fans so much and that the players do little things like that.

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