Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Insanity Of Us

Nash Brown and I love to dream about getting jobs with the NHL. But maybe we’re setting our sights on the wrong league, maybe our particular brand of crazy is made for somewhere else….somewhere like the AHL, where they hold promos like this:

Don't Be Like Mike" Night
• All fans who are graduates of a DARE program can get into the game for just $2 by bringing their DARE graduation certificate to the Admirals' office or the Bradley Center box office.
• Anyone with the name Michael, Phelps, Mary Jane, Cheech, Chong, Weed (Wied) or anyone who has won an Olympic Gold Medal can also get their ticket for only $2.
• The team is giving away a weed wacker from National Ace Hardware, signed by the Admirals.
• If the team scores with 4:20 -- a number that's synonymous with pot culture -- on the clock in any period, one fan will win a season ticket for the following season.
• The team is providing a document shredder outside of section 225 for fans to destroy their own incriminating, Phelps-like photos.

When we apply for jobs with the AHL Admirals (love the jersey, btw) we'll attach the following to our resumes as a testament to our insanity/hilarity. (The background: I’m driving up to Jersey to spend the weekend with NBMD and take in the Bruins and Sharks games. Consequently, she asked what I wanted for dinner.....)

(click for larger images, and props to puckdaddy for the AHL scoop).

EDIT: More .... Sloppy Joe Thornton and Dustin Brownies, Don Cherry Pie, Orr-ver easy eggs, Pekkan (Rinne) Pie, Bourque chops.....we could do this all night!

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