Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Mike Green

Mike Green’s hot streak means more media coverage, which is a win-win for everybody. Dan Steinberg had this gem: Green was being followed around Saturday night by the NHL Network for a Day-in-the-Life segment; I asked if his performance jazzed up the producers. "I guess so," Green said. I think they were more excited about our little event before the game, when me and Ovi were driving in a cart and we almost crashed into the door. You'll see it. We were just driving this little golf cart thing, we almost took our heads off. Actually, Ovi did, he almost killed me."

I don’t doubt that Ovie at the wheel of a golf cart is a recipe for danger. (This is, after all, the guy who allegedly got pulled over for going 165 to get to a game) But it seems that Mike Green and small motorized vehicles just don’t go well together, as illustrated by the Great Segway Incident of ’08.

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