Saturday, January 24, 2009

Call the cops, because St. Louis was robbed

Let's get this straight. I do not dislike Alex Ovechkin.. I just think that the NHL is trying to make him the silver boy.. next to Crosby's golden boy. Work with me here. I believe he is an amazing talent and I know that the public picked the winner of the breakaway challenge but there is no way that Ovechkin was better than St. Louis. NO WAY! Just cuz Ovie threw on a hat and crazy glasses he deserves to win? Heck, MSL had a prop in his crazy blown out hair. What was with that, by the way. Also, the whole thing where he used Malkin to give him his props? Seriously, Ovie, you're better than that. It seemed all too sub-plot in a John Hughes flick for me. I hope that they truly didn't make up and that tomorrow they get into a same team fight at center ice. Just think of the attention it would bring to the NHL! I'm sure Bettman would love that. And, selfishly, if they both got hurt it would do wonders for my fantasy team rankings.

I had fully intended on attaching the video of all the athletes showing off their skillz (or lack thereof.. getzlaf.. i'm looking at you!!) but since i'm not as skilled at this whole blogging thing as Ms. Mumbai, I must default to her and hope that she will post it for ya'll.

Hope you enjoy tomorrow's festivities as much as I will!

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