Friday, January 23, 2009

Cool It, Caps fan.

hey hey heyyyyyy. nash brown reporting for duty. so before my fellow bloggy can take control of this place, let me tell you about myself.

So, the skinny on nash brown.. i love hockey. adore it. can't get enough. orderedcentericeoncableandhopedmymomdidn'tnoticeit kinda love. i'll watch any game, any time. some people think intermissions are boring. me? oh no, that just means i get to watch another game for 17 minutes.

I started this love up at BU.. GO TERRIERS!.. but not until late. a fact that my brother will never let me live done. he never lets me forget that i could have been bff with sid the kid if i had just listened to him. ok.. he's probably wrong there. everyone knows sidney only loves hockey.. well hockey and cleaning mario's dishes.

so. the things that make hockey great for me: d-men who can score, scrappy left wingers, modesty, hard work, the brisk atmosphere that is an arena pre-game, organ music.

i'm also infamous for my unfounded dislike of European players. i can't tell you what it is, i just love myself a good north american boy.

ok. its time for dinner, so i better go.


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