Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh Ovie

Tarik (the WaPo's fantastic Caps beat writer/blogger) has a great Q & A with Ovie from Montreal. Some highlights...

Q: Who's going to win the Breakaway Challenge?
A: I'm go to try. Not[hing] special, just simple move. Nothing new. [He's cracking up]. Everybody. Kovalev, Kane, everybody.

Q: When Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas drew your name for the Elimination Shootout, he kind of grunted and said, 'Oh no'. What are your thoughts about facing Thomas?
A: I know a couple of things about Thomas. I'm probably going talk to him because I need a little help. [Ovechkin was making a reference to his not-so-spectacular 9 for 34 career shootout record in games that count.]

Speaking of Timmy, please enjoy his impression of a flying squirrel. Also, I love how Jason Blake yells "What the fuck was that?" at 0:12. (Props to HubHockey).

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