Friday, January 23, 2009


Is there a better time to launch a hockey blog than the All Star Weekend? I think not. There’s plenty going on up in Montreal, and the question of whether the ASG is farce or fab could take up the whole weekend alone. But don’t worry, that won’t be all we talk about.

Before we get down to business, in the words of Austin Powers (a much better Mike Myers movie than Love Guru), allow myself to introduce myself…

I am Gordon Mumbai. Obviously, not my real name, as I am a) a chick and b) not an Indian Emilio Estevez. Regardless, it is how I will be known to all of you (at this point hypothetical) readers. You should check out my bio, but here’s the cheat sheet: I live in DC and love the Caps. I was raised in New England as a Bruins fan, but only became a die-hard hockey fan recently. Nash Brown and I met when we were in college in Boston, and our mutual love of all things puck has brought us together in the years since. In fact, Nash’s sister jokingly (right?) refers to me as "the wife." (We’re even making plans to spend Valentine’s weekend together in NJ, to see the Devils play the Bruins and the Sharks. It fits in with my life motto: Love Puck, Will Travel.)

Nasher and I spend ¾ of every work day e-mailing each other about the latest puck-related happenings and taunting each other over the standings in our fantasy league, so a blog seemed like a logical next step. Now we just have to get people to read it…

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