Sunday, January 25, 2009

Russian Machine Never Breaks

i know times are tough but could the NHL not afford to write a new script? a shootout winner from the game's greatest talent? does this seem a little winter classic '08?

it was good then, but now it just seems cliche.

in my blue eyes, if the league truly wants to reach more markets it can NOT solely rely on 2 stars. you can not convince me that game wasn't scripted tonight. you can not. for a moment there, i thought kovalev was going to score the game winner. and that would be pretty boring, but i could appreciate it. had it been vinny, i would have been on my feet. that would be an amazing way to have him ring in his new term as the head of the habs. because, if you didn't get the memo, he will be one before march 4. but making it ovechkin that won the game.. just seemed painful. i'm really tired of the league catering to sometimes viewers and not to the true fans. any of those true fans would know ovechkin is nowhere near the best in shootouts. (see here: ) if the league wanted the public to think the game mattered, zach parise should have been out there. and i understand that it is an all-star game and you want to display the STARS.. but these guys all earned their spots there. well, maybe not mark streit. and i think putting OV above everyone on the rest of the team goes against everything he and his beloved russia stands for.

and don't worry. one of these days i'll figure out how to probably link in other sites and videos. it wil just take time. but i promise it will be before i ever dare own a detroit red wings player tee.


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  2. Instead of counter-posting, I'm gonna comment. I agree and disagree Ms. Brown. I was super surprised that Julien put Ovie out there with the game on the line, but the more I think about it, the more I think it was a show of faith in Thomas. After all, anyone who knows anything about the game knows Ovie isn't so hot in the shootout, as NBMD pointed out. I think Julien was thinking: "Give them the superstar they want to see (who will probably miss) and then let Timmy save the game." I would have put Savard in there (he did come in 2nd in the elimination shootout) but Julien would have gotten flak for putting the game on the stick of one his own players, no matter what the outcome.

    Ovie just got really (really, if you look at the replay) lucky. And Thomas was a beast -- without his acrobatics the West would have won in regulation.

    P.S. Putting Ovie in was less cliche than Kovalev winning MVP. Not to say he didn't play a great game, but tell me THAT wasn't decided before he even stepped onto the ice.