Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday my dad accused me of being an apologist for Obama (b/c of Tim Geithner. Whatever, I still think he's the right guy to head up the Fed). So as not to get accused of the same thing twice in two days, I'll say straight off the bat that Ovie shouldn't have won the breakaway challenge.

I'm a huge Ovie fan and I thought what he did was funny (although he needs some Gatorade chugging tips from Steve Mason). I liked that he tried to recreate "The Goal" and I though he did that better than Kane/Stamkos. But honestly, he should have tried more, you know, actual tricks. It's not like he doesn't have the skills. (I've seen him goofing around at the end of practices. He has a great one where someone feeds him a high, cross-ice pass and he literally bats it into the net.) Marty St. Louis should have won, and Kovalev had some good moves too... I would have given Ovie 3rd.

Also...why was Steve Stamkos in that challenge?

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